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2024 School Board Election Information

2024 is a critical year for the Douglas County School Board. A total of four seats (districts) are up for election: District 1, District 3, District 4, & District 5. 


Interested in campaign yard signs for Erinn Miller & Melinda Gneiting? You can pick up a sign for each candidate at 

1588 8th Street, Minden, NV 89423. Call (775) 781-1923 to verify that signs are still available. 



Meet Erinn Miller

  • Erinn and her husband, Ryan, have lived at Lake Tahoe since 2014 and have been residents of Douglas County since 2016. 

  • She has three children at the Lake schools. Her oldest two children, Wyatt and Dakota, are a freshman and 7th grader at George Whittell High School (GWHS), and her youngest child, Cierra, is a 4th grader at Zephyr Cove Elementary School (ZCES). 

  • She is very involved in the parents’ organization and boosters club at both schools. She currently serves as a parent representative on the school district's Family Life committee and has also served on the hiring committee for the principal at ZCES and GWHS, and has served on the Lake School Counselor Committee. 

  • In addition to her committee work, she and her husband also coach Pop Warner football and cheer. Erinn also serves on Douglas Pop Warner’s board.

  • Erinn has her own bookkeeping business, working with clients in various industries, including construction, hotel management, and recreation.  

  • She is opposed to many of the actions and decisions of the majority of the trustees on the current board, as well as the lack of civility and decorum they exhibit.  Specifically, she thinks that the Joey Gilbert Law Firm has overcharged the school district, has overreached its duties, and has grossly failed to represent the district effectively. She will advocate for the needs of all schools, especially ZCES and GWHS, as they face challenges with declining enrollment. She wants to refocus the actions and decisions of the school board on what is best for our students, families, and staff.

  • Erinn will actually represent the views and desires of the Lake community by listening to residents and seeking input. The current trustee representing the Lake, Doug Englekirk, stated that he would vote his conscience even against the needs and wishes of his constituents at the lake. 

  • Erinn has stated, “I am running as an involved parent who wants to see our lake schools move from a survive to thrive situation. I would love to see all of our schools thrive with student and parent involvement. I believe that we need to provide a solid education foundation for our children.” 


You can contact Erinn by email at, or you can call her at 775-241-3751.  

Please tell your family, friends, and neighbors about Erinn, support her, and 

vote for Erinn Miller on or before November 5, 2024!



Meet Melinda Gneiting

  • Melinda has lived in Douglas County for 24 years. She and her husband, Mark, moved here to start their family and for his career. 

  • Melinda has an Associate’s Degree in communication disorders and a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work.

  • She has four children, two of whom have graduated from DCSD.  Her daughter, Rebecca, graduated from DHS in 2018 and graduated from BYU with a degree in math education.  Her son, Joshua, graduated in 2022 from DHS and is majoring in computer engineering at BYU.  Her daughter, Elizabeth, is a senior at DHS who plans to attend BYU and pursue microbiology or graphic design.  Her youngest, Abigail, is an 8th grader at Pau-Wa-Lu Middle School.  Her children have been involved in various activities while attending DCSD schools,  including marching band, art, track and field, academic team, and advanced placement courses.  She feels strongly about offering a wide variety of electives, extra-curricular activities, and advanced courses to our students.

  • Melinda is very concerned about the direction and several of our current board members' decisions. She is disappointed in our current excessive legal expenses and feels strongly that our school district should have qualified legal counsel and in the prudent use of school funds.

  • She appreciates the importance of quality education and wants this for all of the young people in our community.  She also wants to see balance and normalcy return to one of the best school districts in our state. 

  • She shares the following reasons for running to become a DCSD Trustee: “I am running for school board because, as the mother of four children who are now in or have graduated from Douglas Schools, I offer a current parent’s perspective on the educational process.  I want to be a voice for all stakeholders, including the students, parents, dedicated educational professionals, and our community.  I promote fiscal responsibility, integrity, educational best practices, and respectful and civil discourse in decision-making. I will work to support families and encourage parental involvement. I want to be part of the effort in providing the best education for our children.”

You can contact Melinda by email at, or you can call her at 775-265-0867. 

Please tell your family, friends, and neighbors about Melinda, support her, and 

vote for Melinda Gneiting on or before November 5, 2024!


Both Yvonne Wagstaff in District 1 and Markus Zinke in District 4 are running unopposed, so they both will be sworn onto the Douglas County School Board of Trustees in January of 2025.  


Wagstaff is currently on the board as an appointed trustee, and Zinke will be joining her.  Both are parents and have concerns about the decisions and actions of some of the trustees on the current board.  


You can contact Yvonne Wagstaff at or 775-901-8353.

You can contact Markus Zinke at or 775-266-8858.


We wish them our best as they work to re-establish a focus on the needs and successes of our students, families, and staff.


Unsure what District you live in? View the map below to find out! 

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